Edibles are new to me. What should I start with?

We always suggest starting low and going slow. This means starting with 5-10mg and waiting about 60 minutes to determine whether or not you should take more product. We also recommend avoiding high fat foods. Why? Well, THC binds to fats and can make your first experience more intense.

I have food allergies. What should I know before trying your products?

We have a full list of ingredients printed on all of our packaging. We recommend consulting that before consuming.

THC Capsules

How much should I take? What if I don’t feel anything in an hour?

We always recommend starting with 5mg. Everyone’s body is different, and you never know how yours will react to different potencies. If you’re still not feeling anything in about an hour, we recommend snacking on something fatty. THC binds to fat, so this should help kick your experience into gear.

How long should it take for me to start feeling something?

Capsules are generally quicker than other edibles. Some people have felt the effects in as little as 15-30 minutes.


What does “hybrid” mean?

Our hybrid pre-rolls are a combination of the two main strains of cannabis: Indica and Sativa. Indica tends to be a strain better suited for night-time use, and when you’re looking to relax. Sativa on the other hand, is recommended for daytime use and generally increases energy, alertness and creativity. We like to think our hybrid is the best of both worlds.


What is a concentrate?

Simply put, a concentrate is a highly potent form of THC. There are several ways the cannabis flower is processed to become a concentrate.

How much is too much when it comes to concentrates?
If it is your first time using concentrates, or “dabbing”, start small. Very small. It is important to start with an amount that you might think is too small. But it’s not. It’s probably just right.

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