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Jane’s Bakehouse

Move over wine! As the first and only full-size microwave edible, Jane’s is the perfect treat for cannabis newcomers, parents looking to avoid stigma, dabblers looking to enhance Girls’ Night, or any occasion that calls for a little more fun.

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Home state pride is paramount. That’s why Locals combines the simplicity of a pre-rolled joint with the homegrown cannabis you know and love. You can forever trust in the fact Locals was born and rolled where you are.

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Calming, consistent comfort has arrived — Elevium is the high-quality THC capsule you’ve been craving. Whether you’re looking to enhance your everyday activities or for a more natural form of relief, find it in Elevium.

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Midnight Oil

As the premiere line of concentrates for connoisseurs, Midnight Oil was thoughtfully crafted to optimize potency and flavor. Midnight Oil is the only line of high quality concentrates that works as hard as you do.

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Curated cannabis brands designed with you in mind